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The Widow Maker, Ralph's 930 Turbo.

Widow maker.

The moniker that stayed most prominent with the Porsche 930 Turbo. The name making us automotive enthusiasts fiend for a 911 Turbo. Not just any Turbo however, this Turbo.

Is it the iconic "whale tail" wing? The air-cooled flat six? The addition of a single turbo to all this goodness?

Is it the risk associated with the pendulum affect from Porsche's rear-mounted flat six?


It's a culmination of all of it coming together at the same time to create a balance through imbalance. You see, through having an engine hanging over the rear axles, Porsche caused an uproar in motorsports.

"It shouldn't make sense"..."The pendulum effect will cause snap over-steer"..."WHYYYYY?"

All these and more, were common opinions that are still held today among the anti-Porsche crowd. Comments fueled by envy when engineers saw these setting great lap times from the moment the 911 first came out, till today.

Although only a four speed, the sensation of being in the seat of one of these takes you back. The nostalgia it provides is incomparable to any car. You get the sensation of euphoria once boost hits, you get the sensation of what it felt like back in 1987 to be late for a meeting with investors, hitting the autobahn while the car kept begging to go faster and faster. A true sense of what speed is, what analog sports cars feel like, and predominantly that iconic rear mounted flat six singing.

Ralph's example is an excellently documented car. Maybe even THE one to have. Sitting at the perfect "outlaw" stance with coilovers, stuck to the roads on Toyo Proxes R888's, and the iconic white with black accents making this whale tail 930 turbo a killer whale.


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