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Our Brutally Honest Review: The Porsche 992 C4S

If there is one thing Porsche knows how to do best, it's making rear engined vehicles, slapping the number "911" on them, and selling them like hotcakes.

This is no exception to that. The current generation 992 is so sought after, people are paying insane premiums just to be able to say they have one!

Do we think it's worth the premium? Absolutely not.

Paying over sticker for anything is absurd, in our opinion.

However, there are those who do and are still happy with their purchases and to them we say, congratulations?

With this generation of 911, however, we really don't know what to say...Is it a good car? Yes. Is it a fun car? Depends.

Do we have a final opinion on it? Watch the video below and see why we think this generation of 911 is no longer a sports car. Instead, we think it has become nothing more than a keen GT car.



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