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What is a Car Meet?

What is a car meet?

A gathering of local car enthusiasts on a certain day at a certain time.

To others, however, it is much more than that. It’s the essence of what Sunday morning is for.

Sunday mornings; people wake up, have breakfast, and get dressed to gather and pray at their local place of worship, others get ready for their sorority brunch at any restaurant with bottomless mimosas regardless of location, and others finish detailing their cars by the crack of dawn. Those people are the ones who get up at (even to me sometimes) what others call an unreasonably early time in order to ride out to their local car meet.

A place where all cliques are brought together, one where rivalries and hatred from online forums and social media gets set aside. All cars: American, European, and Japanese, come together to show off their vibrant colors, brute power, and tightest fitment possible. Their owners share a parking lot, not just any lot however, a lot where appreciation for the automotive industry occurs.

No matter what, being at a real car meet is where you can show off your car and no one has a single negative word to say. It’s one where boys don’t come; men come to enjoy their passion, their builds, and talk about their histories with the cars they own. How they came to be and what was done to get to the point they are at today. Not one where you’re hated on for having a car slammed to the ground, not one where immature kids rev up their cars and start doing burnouts everywhere telling you to “Run it yo”, but one where everyone appreciates everyone else’s passion.

It’s a simple idea, a hard one to accomplish successfully I must add, but when it is done the right way…there is no other place a car enthusiast would want to be. That is the true definition of a car meet.

-Esteban Larranaga 3/27/17


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