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Fuel Files event coverage: Supercar Saturday

Stress relief.

Lots of people need it. Some go for good runs by the park, others pump some iron at the gym, while people like me (or maybe just me) just go out and drive.

In today's event coverage, you'll see where I ended up is far from where I began.

I started off heading to a local cars and coffee where nothing crazy happened, although having my camera would have been great, I didn't have it so you'll just have to take my word for it; there was like 15 cool cars out of the hundreds that showed up. It was one of those meets.

After having seen enough, I met with some friends at the cars and coffee event and on a whim ended up driving about 45 minutes north of where we were.

Thankfully, on my way to the next event, I dropped the e30 off at my house, picked up my camera, and hitched a ride with one of my friends over to what is known as Supercar Saturday at Lamborghini and Porsche Broward.

This event is much more than a simple cars and coffee, it’s a gathering of South Florida’s finest, rarest, and most expensive cars around.

On display at the Broward Porsche showroom floor was a customer’s Porsche Carrera GT. A car deemed lethal by many respected automotive journalists worldwide stood there, tamed. Terrifying performance aside, this is the epitome of what Porsche’s engineers were able to achieve.

Something so visceral, yet so beautiful it makes (in my opinion) a 918 or any other Porsche after it seem almost, too tamed.

No it’s not a manic, all-wheel drive hybrid system that breaks records world-wide, but it is something truly special for those lucky owners that have it. Something lucrative and pivotal to what the automotive industry is capable of making…

A beauty that is capable of forming lethal attraction at first glance. A design truly captivating in my eyes while still having ultimate simplicity and sheer aggression.

After walking through their dealership you step out into the lot shared by Porsche and Lamborghini Broward to the vast space packed tightly by some of the most beautiful cars created.

It’s a shame how little these cars are recognized, but Spyker had a C8 Preliator on display and the craftsmanship is truly astonishing.

Only to be accompanied by the very rare Lexus LFA Nurburgring package and Lexus’s newest creation, the LC 500.

The excessive amounts of people around these cars made it difficult to get wider shots of the car, however with the view of the headlights alone I can tell Lexus’s designers are on another dimension truly pushing the boundaries of automotive design; I love it.

If you thought the Spyker and Carrera were rare, surprise surprise, a Ferrari F60 America appeared...

Based off the F12, the F60 America was a roofless, celebratory model for Ferrari’s 60th in the U.S. If the price tag of over $2 million doesn’t seem luxurious enough, it’s production run of only 10 in the world might.

Decorated in many 60th anniversary reminders, you won’t forget how special this car truly is. That and the beautiful blood red carbon fiber décor in this model’s interior really bring the feeling of uniqueness to the car.

Another beautiful Ferrari was one of my personal favorite prancing horses, the 550 Maranello.

As if those didn’t have enough heritage, the only example I have seen in person of this particular car was there on display as well.

Being held at Lamborghini Broward also meant that a large amount of Lamborghini’s would be present.

Not one, but two SV roadsters were there, both finished in beautiful, bright colors screaming for attention almost as loud as their engines do.

Not only were there Aventador SV’s but also Lamborghini’s best hit since the Gallardo, the Huracan.

This particular model being the most fun of them all, the rear-wheel drive example.

These and many more, rare cars, and SUVs showed up one of them being a 4x4 squared. These things…G Wagons…I’ve never liked their look or presence, however I will say this particular model really stood out.

With its widened stance and insane lift from factory the 4x4 squared is more than just a status symbol as all other G-Wagons. This model has one of the most unique 4x4 systems fitted to a production car I have ever seen; its ground clearance makes some lifted Jeeps look like low riders.

Anyways, I’ll shut up now so you can enjoy the rest of the photos taken from that day. Hopefully, it helps you relieve stress as much as it helped me.


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