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Each year, ASG Miami and Masterclass Automotive put together a show known as MOTIV.

Courtesy of Pedro Castillo

Starting in 2018, this show was a celebration of the end of the year to help create brand awareness to both Auto Source Group and Masterclass Automotive. Being that they each deal with selling, brokering, repairing and restoring high end vehicles, the two companies decided that they'd take advantage of the traction created by Art Basel to put on a show like no other where the cars are the art.

In 2019, we got involved becoming the media outlet and creative group assisting in piecing the show together along with another special friend of ours; Ricky Boada.

Having been our very first featured build, Ricky Boada's Model A has come a long way and so has he. He's amassed a following of over 100,000 people and has become Miami's best known automotive influencer. With his help and the help of some of his sponsors, we were able to make MOTIV 2019 a total success with over 600 attendees meaning 2020 had to be even bigger...

Courtesy of Michael Tulloch

That was until the obvious hiccup that everyone experienced in 2020 which led to many loved events being canceled for that year. That could only mean one thing, in 2021 we had to be bigger and better than ever to help reignite the fire that fuels our passion for this industry and the love for automotive events.

This year, we did exactly that. With over 800 registered attendees, TONS of sponsors, and a whole team of local photographers that came out, this year's MOTIV was a complete success. We were able to raise money for Oasis for Haiti's Children with our raffle and had tons of activities like fire performers, live saxophone players, 360 view cameras, and arcade games for our attendees to enjoy.

Courtesy of David Tafelvich

We'd like to thank our sponsors; Shakeshack, Liquid Death, Vezasur Brewing Co, Epic Capital Realty, Rivas Pro Detail, Fika Creative Group, Mamey, Divieto Ristorante, Orno, Thesis Hotel Miami, Drive Coffee, The Sign Savers, Harry Blu's Vodka, Volley Tequila Selzter, Kettle One Setlzer, La Real, Ferco Motors, ANSA Motorsports, and Menta Watches.

We'd also like to thank all of the media members that attended, without the scene of local photographers and likeminded enthusiast we wouldn't have all the amazing content we have today.