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American Heart. Japanese Soul.

Think of the craziest swap you've personally seen in a car.

Unless you live in Dubai, where funds are never-ending and your "dropping off the kids at school" car is an RB30 swapped 2,000 horsepower Nissan Patrol, your typical "crazy swap" from your local Cars and Coffee is an LS, JZ, or RB. The chassis of choice for these kinds of swaps typically ranges from the Nissan S-Chassis, or Mazda RX-7 chassis, to E30s for their excellent light weight and handling.

In comes this: ​

​The Datsun 510; an icon in the JDM culture and for us in the states, the closest thing you could probably get to old skyline (styling wise).

This is no simple Dastun 510 however...

Underneath the little rocket is a Buick 215 mated to a Munci Rockcrusher 4 speed manual transmission. Sound escapes through the Magnaflow exhaust system, handling is taken care of by a coilover kit, along with chassis reinforcement and safety added by the roll cage in the interior, home to two 4-point harnesses and Sparco bucket seats.

As opposed to the SR20 swap, popular within the Datsun 510's, this swap is different. It has a visceral sound, one that makes great amounts of power for the light chassis, but not a swap that over powers the car either. In every turn we took, the car felt planted, and quite frankly, was incredibly comfortable!

All of this together equates to one of the most cars I've been in.

A special thank you goes out to Gaby from PSI Garage for this great experience and a good time as always!


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