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DRT 2018: More Than Just Porsches Galore

Das Renn Treffen,

Every year, Porsche fanatics come from all over the continental U.S. to pay homage to the great German designer known for penning icons like the Volkswagen Beetle and most importantly the Porsche 911.

It's an event Ferdinand Porsche could only dream of, located in the culture rich heart of South Miami.

Organized by Parkhaus1, Miami's premiere Porsche modification, restoration, and limited vehicle allocation shop, DRT is the go to event for all lovers of flat six engines on the East coast.

With special guest Magnus Walker present at the event, thousands of fanatics and HUNDREDS of cars came out to celebrate the love of Porsches.

That's not all though...

You see with events like these, I tend to notice something. I notice the culture's prominence. It becomes clear to me why people like us; car fanatics, get together and celebrate our passions in these gatherings.

It's a family. A community where people, no matter what race, religion, sexual orientation, or political association come together as one big congregation. We all share our passions, share ideas, and teach each other about our cars.

As the sun rose early that Sunday morning, I found my father and I doing just that as we spoke about all the other cars present at the registration booth. Personally, the goal was for the Fuel Files 911 c4s to be the first Porsche to roll into the show and we were able to achieve it. Being the first ones in and one of the last ones out led to us doing more than enjoying the show. We became a part of it.

Along with being with him and getting some excellent father and son bonding time, more bonding occurred elsewhere.

Friendships were reunited and strengthened. Eliam Coro, owner of City Gazettes and Gustavo Ramirez are a prime example.

Both were friends before, yet Gus stated "his involvement with Parkhaus1 and DRT has brought us closer again" when asked about his reunion with Eliam.

"I think that people have embraced the Porsche hobby and DRT has put it on the street for display...certainly the jump in Porsche collection has given these cars a new lease on life. Some cars that never would have recieved attention are getting it now..."

Gustavo's statement only helps tie together the prime reason that this event, and many others, are essential in the automotive community...

They bring enthusiasts together, reunite lost friends, and strengthen relationships while celebrating the passion for cars.


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