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Fuel Files Review: 991.2 C4S Convertible

A hiatus. Call our absence in articles a hiatus, if you will. That being said, we are proud to announce that Fuel Files will now be reviewing cars as well! So without further ado, lets get started!

The 991.2, the final form of Porsche's 991 chassis is a radical change from its first iteration, something Porsche is no stranger to doing (997 to 997.2).

When the 997 first came out, Porsche still had to deal with the infamous IMS bearing recalls and issues, so what did they do?

With the 997.2, they completely redesigned their engine to remove the IMS bearing and introduced possibly the greatest engine to ever come out of their factory. With 40% less parts than the previous model, the 997.2 engine was a more simplified and more reliable one. Does that mean that the 991.1 engine was not a good one?

No, in fact, the 997.2 engine was so well made, it carried on to the 991.1 with minimal tweaks to adapt to the new chassis. However, with time comes the inevitable evolution of cars of today as they need to become more efficient and eco friendly. Porsche adhered to this requirement that life brings to us car enthusiasts and went ahead and remodeled their engines.

With the 991.2 they decreased the engine size and went ahead and added turbos to every car in their non track-oriented line up. That means, every Porsche 911 from now on (minus the GT3 and GT3rs of this generation) will have forced induction.

I know, it's tough to swallow that idea and I personally get it, purists have a very good reason to be disappointed. However, it wasn't until I stepped into this car that I realized evolution is not a bad thing. In fact, I think I love it.

With the new 991.2 body, the exhausts have been redirected due to the new turbos, rear and front fascias have been given lifts that (as a Miami resident I can consider myself a valid judge of this) look better than the face and butt lifts of South Beach. The interior received a refresh with a new head unit with a much better bluetooth compatibility than the 991.1 and a steering wheel that compliments the subtle, but mesmerizing new look.

I do have one dilemma and it MUST be addressed before I see, as a Porsche enthusiast, I've always seen the 911 as a sports car. A car you take down curvy roads or to the track while also being able to daily drive it. However with this car, I don't feel that connection with its predecessors. Maybe this is the cost of evolution, a surcharge that after all is said and done, I look back and say "wait...what, where'd this come from". In no way am I saying this car is a bad one, in fact, for the money I think a second hand 991.2 is the way to go as you can definitely appreciate the depreciation. My dilemma is that besides the power and its incredible performance (believe me this thing is quick) I can't review this as a true sports car, a driver's car, because it isn't one.

The 991 (.1 and .2) is Porsche's evolution as safety standards increase by the day. Pollution triggered, Prius owning, environmental activists surprisingly are not what have made the car lose its sports car feel. It's the safety requirements of tomorrow, swelling all cars up to a size that no longer will be sporty or proportionate.

Due to this car's size, convertible top, and the insane creature comforts it has, I'm continuing this review calling this car a Grand Touring car. I know, I know, I gasped when I realized what I was sitting in, but its true! This car is no longer the sports car you get for the weekend, its a GT car you get to kick ass and take names when needed.

This car is now the daily drive-able GT car that the successful lawyer or dentist who finally made it leases or buys because they can finally get a Porsche, however they can't have THE Porsche.

A Porsche isnt THE Porsche, what does that mean?

It's a Porsche they can get because they're successful and after studying for years and working their asses off, they get their first P car. However, they don't have a collection where they can have the true air-cooled, visceral Porsche of their dreams just yet. Quite frankly, they are buying this while also knowing that they need it to be a daily driver.

So, its a GT car, got it? Cool.

Moving on, my first impressions of this car were that it was definitely fully loaded. Heated and cooled seats, Bose sound system, sport chrono, carbon fiber trim, red gauges matching the red top and seat belts, with the blue interior to match its Graphite Blue paint, this car was so well ordered, I couldn't think of something that I would change on the car. Then I looked at the center of the interior, the main reason why this car was so great and why I thoroughly enjoyed taking it out for a spin. It was a manual.

The 7 speed gearbox was the perfect balance of communicative and comfortable. It let me know what gear I was putting it in while also making me love doing so. It's smart too, something that takes the sporty feel away from modern cars is the famous "auto blip" feature. This car has it too, I found out as I blipped it with my foot and the transmission didn't seem too happy telling me "HEY! I got this, not you". As stated before, this car is now a GT car so although manual, it is still a daily driver. The car is equipped with hill start assist and as you let off the clutch in traffic, the pedal is almost fed to you not to bother you with the plebian and grotesque work of actually using your clutch leg.

Power delivery was amazing, with its new steering wheel redesign also comes the toggle where you can select between modes and even use a passing button that gives you 30 seconds of increased power by adjusting wastegates and turbos to increase PSI, yeah this thing is smart too. Its all wheel drive system is impressive and can show you how much torque is being sent between the front and back differentials with the new cluster design in the car as well.

Handling is superb, being comfortable while still incredibly direct and responsive through PASM. Yet again, killing its sports car feel with the electric steering. It is responsive and it really is direct, darting wherever you point it, but knowing that you dont have that hydraulic feel and connection makes me miss it even though its current steering probably feels even better.

You see, as a GT car, this C4S blew me away. If I were to buy this at shy of $120,000 expecting a racecar, I would be disappointed. Now...if I need a daily driver, and I want a Porsche that will handle incredibly well and blow the doors off most cars, I'd be ecstatic. In fact, while driving this car I couldn't wipe the smile off my face! It has its placebo effects for curing the sports car itch, but with so much comfort and luxury, it is not a car you will ever take to the track. It's a convertible GT car that will turn four hour drives into three hour drives while not even breaking a sweat. It's a daily driver that looks killer, that makes sickeningly pleasurable sounds, and that handles insanely well (honestly a car this big shouldn't move this good).

With tons of aftermarket support to make it quicker, the 991.2 C4S is a serious GT car and quite honestly the one to have.

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