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Sebring 2019 - A Gallery Dedicated to Motorsports

The spirit of racing is one that fills us all. We love cars, we love going fast, and we're all competitive; it's in our nature.

One particular close to (my) home is Sebring's 12 hours of Rolex. Having been around for 67 years, this race is one of the most iconic displays of competition in the U.S. between the world's biggest automotive brands. Besides the 24 hours of Daytona, 24 hours of LeMans, and the 12 and 24 at the Nurburgring, this is what so many endurance race enthusiasts look forward to every year.

You have an eclectic group of enthusiasts that gathers around all for the love of the sport, one where financial standing doesn't matter. Socioeconomics goes right out the window when you have millionaire mobile homes with their GT3 RS's and Astons park in the same infield as a dilapidated 1970's Winnebago and its amazing seeing the mix. The combination of creativity with people's decors of their three day campgrounds and the smells of barbecue, tires, and racing fuel all comes together to make it the Woodstock of cars.

Thanks to the horrible weather, some of my best motorsports work was able to be captured. Sit back relax and enjoy the ultimate online photobook of the 12 hours of Rolex at Sebring.

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