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What Banana Taped To a Wall? MOTIV 2019 Was the Art Basel Show To See...

Yeah, there was a Banana Duct Taped to a wall for Art Basel 2019 that sold for $120,000 that was then eaten by another "artist" but that isn't the most important thing you missed this year...

MOTIV 2019 was an event that was hosted at Masterclass Automotive, an exclusive restoration, maintenance, and performance shop authorized in Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin organized by us at Fuel Files and ASG Miami, specializing in exotic and collectible car sales.

By gathering all of automotive history's most iconic cars under one roof, Masterclass was able to show case their extensive list of brands they are authorized to work with and ASG Miami was able to show all types of vehicles they help allocate or consign for sale.

All of this was then put together and hosted by our good friend Ricky Boada in celebration and appreciation for all things the automotive enthusiast loves.

So what was it that you really missed? You missed this:

Live art paintings!

Crazy cars!

And some awesome sponsors, all under one roof.

Video by Nico Stapel and photography by Spencer Schau


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