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Fuel Files Visits: Porsche Experience Center Atlanta

If you're on the east coast of the US and are a Porsche fanatic, you probably know about their headquarters in Atlanta.

Home to Road Atlanta, Porsche's Headquarters, Coca Cola and the most impressive Aquarium in the world, Atlanta is a go-to destination in general, but we're not your travel guide for that.

Instead we're the voice of reason, telling you that you absolutely NEED to go to Porsche's facility. Within their facility, they have a superb restaurant rightfully wearing the "356" name, 1 mile racing course and testing facility with exceptional instructors, a simulator room, restoration area, and tons of Porsche memorabilia all throughout their building with tours available on specific dates!

We were fortunate enough to take part in their GT3 vs Turbo S experience package. If you're having trouble wondering what that may be then maybe you shouldn't go as it's pretty self explanatory, BUT we'll give you a synopsis anyway.

Within the infield of their 1 mile road course, they have a low friction course meant to resemble driving on icy roads, a circular skid pad, launch control and braking zone. For their SUV experiences they also have an off road course, but we weren't there for that.

Having rained all day, the track was wet, grip was low, and the performance of each car really became clear.

The GT3, although phenomenal in the dry, is not a car that can comply with rain driving the way the Turbo S does. The extremely advanced all wheel drive system of the Turbo keeps the car planted even in the soaked slalom section. This doesn't mean the GT3 is a bad car though, keep in mind this is a rear wheel drive track car with a license plate and creature comforts. Its mechanical grip is as amazing as you'd expect it to be, but being equipped with Michelin Sport Cup 2s as apposed to their more compliant PS4s on the Turbo, meant that the car would be at the mercy of a summer extreme performance tire in a downpour.

Thanks to the extremely experienced instructors and phenomenal coaching, everyone was safe and there wasn't a single "code brown" moment while on the track. The best part is when it is all said and done, the instructors themselves make you give up the car, crack their knuckles and show you how it's really done. That is when you truly see the almost mythical levels of grip these cars have and you see ALL the bravery and experience you completely lack.

That being said, wet or dry, Panamera or GT3, the Porsche Experience Center has something for everyone at all driving levels. It is something even the most seasoned driver will enjoy and is worth every penny.



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