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Here's Why the E24 BMW M6 Is a MUST HAVE

Classic BMW M cars are synonymous with linear power bands, naturally aspirated induction noise, and keen handling.

For the M enthusiast looking for a more elegant driver, BMW introduced the E24 M6. A first of its kind that would inherit the iconic name: Sharknose.

This car is the ultimate culmination of 80s performance and luxury BMW. It inherits the iconic naturally aspirated, inline six from the E28 M5 counterpart with the typical individual throttle bodies that made M cars of the past great.

From its induction noise, to the ease of driving, and the incredible stability this car has, the E24 M6 is one of the greatest BMWs made and is a must have for collectors of the brand.

Sure, now a days the BMW M6 is synonymous with high performance lease princesses, but all those doctors and financial advisors wouldn't have this car without the introduction of it in the past. That is why this particular iteration of the M6, the first one, is important. It set the trend in the past for the consumers of that level and continues to be a preferred choice for many of those consumers today.

Watch our review below and enjoy the gallery!


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