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The 991 Turbo S is THE BEST Depreciation You Could Ever Appreciate

Have you ever realized when Porsches first come out, people tend to fall for dealer markups and pay 10, 15, or maybe even 20 THOUSAND dollars over sticker, JUST to HAVE it?

We all know those types of people and I think we all know what we call them...

You know the types of people that buy them after 5 years of depreciation and get them for 20, 40, or even 90 THOUSAND dollars off sticker when new?

We DEFINITELY know those guys and you know what we call them? Genius.

That is why if you can find a 991 Turbo S with low miles, low ownership and a great price, BUY IT and take off like a bandit!

Being a 580 horsepower, TWO second 0-60, track capable stealth bomber, the 911 Turbo S is one of the quickest production cars ever made. It also has reached a point in depreciation where if anyone ever buys one for the price these monsters are at, they'd be getting an amazing deal.

We're talking about a car that (when new) would have been in your drive way for more than $250,000 that you can now buy off that guy that we mentioned at the beginning who bought it for OVER sticker (who did a full clear bra, ceramic coating, and in some cases spent $10,000 on wheels to have them roll a total of 800 miles) for tens of thousands off, with the same level of status (if that's your thing) and zero downsides.

Think about it, the pros outweigh the cons in almost every aspect.


- Tons of bells and whistles

- Face bending, abdominal clenching levels of grip.

- Nauseatingly quick launch control.

- 580 horsepower


- MOST came fully optioned (first owners usually select everything in the 'options' tab online)

- Carbon Ceramic brakes

- LESS THAN $200,000 ALL IN


- Tons of bells and whistles-to break

- Nauseatingly quick launch control. (for your passenger)

- 580 horsepower (definitely can kill you)

- A 'high mile' one is more than 45,000 miles, failure rate chances are higher (SIMPLY AVOIDED BY PDK MAINTENANCE AND PROPER CARE)

- Can still depreciate a little more (but seriously who cares at this point, its a rocket)

As stated in my video below, this car is like the invincible Achilles.

Yes, his demise was rather pathetic, however the demise of these cars can also be rather pathetic. The only way a 991 Turbo S will really fail you and have catastrophic failure is with its own Achilles Heel, the PDK transmission.

This isn't saying it's a bad transmission...its legendary. However to obtain legendary status, it has to be the best and being the best is not cheap. For those seriously budgeting to buy one of these animals, make sure you have more than enough to pay for an entire Camry in repairs if things go wrong (which barely happens, but I'm also not kidding...seriously) as it is a used car.

Yes, modern cars are totally disconnected from the road, but not this one. It's keen, it's agile, and its FAST.

Yes, lots of tech, means lots of technical issues, but you'll cross that bridge when/if you get there. You'll never have a moment where it mechanically leaves you stranded...I've honestly never seen a modern Porsche broken down on the side of the road.

Therefore, if you find a 991 Turbo or Turbo S in that range, go for it.

Some examples may even have extended warranties, which you can ride on till they expire. That means you'll have zero stress and you'll later realize you had zero need for it either way because its a Porsche and they're THAT damn good.


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