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Tired of Losing Races? Thank Miami Performance Inc. - Fuel Files Shop Tour

So you just bought a fancy sports car that you think is fast...

A 911 Turbo, Nissan GTR, or maybe an M3? These are all amazing cars and you are more than happy to own one as it satisfies your need for comfort and reliable power to scoot around town and have fun with.

However, you seem to start getting used to the power band and are currently looking for more. You also like to mess around (let's face it, we all do) from time to time and you've realized there's other cars out there just like yours, but somehow they're leaving you in the dust?

Then you notice a common denominator with all these cars. A plate frame with only three red letters, MPI.

Those three red letters are the acronym to a name known throughout all of Miami automotive culture, especially in one scene, drag racing.

Miami Performance Inc.

Now I know you may think of funny cars and nitrous fed American muscle when you think of the words drag racing, but there's different levels of it and MPI seems to have been successful in creating vehicles in almost every aspect of the enthusiast drag racing scene.

Roll racing - Instead of launching "from a dig" people roll into the quarter mile stretch while starting from certain speeds. Depending on power plants and drivetrains, different cars find their fortes in different levels. Typically you'll have aggressive rolls starting from 40 miles an hour to smoother yet much higher roll ins at 60.

Dig racing - The most commonly known form of drag racing which entails starting from a complete standstill and launching cars down a quarter mile, or longer. The issue with dig racing however, is when you start making real big numbers. The amount of brute force needed to launch a car applied to all the parts within the vehicle sometimes also tends to launch other parts that were once in the car into orbit. Therefore, in some cases, roll racing is much more feasible and less stressful on cars and the sum of their parts.

MPI has built and has had their hands in many of the most well-known roll racing, dig racing, and standing mile cars around.

With power bands ranging from "low" 600's to even as high as 2XXX horsepower, Miami Performance Inc has experience with many brands turning them all into cars that even the newest, out of the box supercars can't keep up with.

That is why you are losing to a BMW 335i with an MPI plate frame, even after you spent $150,000 on a 911 Turbo.

Given, this scene isn't for everyone and that's okay. Some people like being in cars with warranties and nice amenities rather than spending the money on otherwise unsuspecting platforms like 335i's and 90's Supra's.

However, there are also people with other, already fast platforms like Audi R8's, Huracans, GTRs, McLarens and 911 Turbos who just don't feel it anymore.

That is where Miami Performance Inc comes into play and helps people that want to go fast, go fast.

They also do services with premium attention to detail and help those who need basic tuning and dyno numbers like us.

Jack and Rey from MPI are always happy to help customers, offering their professionalism and expertise in all things fast and that is why we trust them and recommend them for any dyno readings or tuning you may need.



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