Howdy howdy!

We're back from a blog hiatus...since you've last read one of these, I am now using this very site and these photos as promotion for my new endeavor.

Being that I've been shooting automotive content for years now for tons of other clients and dealers, I figured that on my 25th birthday, I'd go off and do it for myself.

Meaning, Fuel Files is now an Automotive Marketing and high end Retail solutions company!

Content we'll be specializing in will go from motorsport coverage to social media content for automotive companies looking to improve their image online. In addition to that, if you take a look at the recent "inventory" tab we've added, we're also going to be representing vehicles on the market for those looking to sell their cars, but don't have the time.

With expertise in automotive photography, knowledge of various enthusiast brands, and strong relationships across the popular online auction platforms, we also offer A-Z auction listing services where you don't have to worry about anything except for signing titles and bills of sale.

Now, on to the fun stuff...

Thanks to our relationship with the Leica Store in Miami, we were offered the chance to test out their SL2 in a motorsport setting. Given that Leica is the pinnacle of handcrafted, art cameras, there is only one motorsport discipline known for being the absolute best; Formula One.

So, I hopped on a flight and decided to test it at the Austin GP.

Don't worry, if you still haven't seen the results, I won't spoil anything in these pictures or the video...anyways, feel free to take a look and I hope you enjoy the recap! I had a blast shooting this and made some incredible memories along the way.

See you again soon...

Watch the video below!