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RWB Miami V | RWB Senna

Well, well, we go again...

Having been to RWB Miami IV in Parkhaus1, I knew what to expect from RWB Miami V.

However, for some reason, this time it was different. ​

I made sure to come into it with a different angle of approach. Last time I was there, I covered the build itself and focused some time on Akira and why he does what he does, but this time, I wanted to talk to the owner.

In comes Victor Gomez, a young automotive enthusiast with a family containing a long line of history in the automotive industry in Puerto Rico.

Bought a car in Puerto Rico? It most likely was sold to you from one of the many automotive dealerships his family owns.

All that aside though, Victor and his family are some of the kindest people I've met. They're down to earth, they have good humor, and most importantly have great taste in cars.

Originally a 993 street car, this 993 was turned into a race car in Puerto Rico with many podiums under its belt. Victor and his father then purchased it in hopes of historic racing, but in a sudden turn of events, ended up making it into this.

After contacting Akira and a very long wait, RWB Miami V finally got a date set and the maestro gave this 993 his iconic touch.

Within the first day, Akira cut the fenders, installed the new kit and even had it on the ground at one point, something unseen as he had only been working on the car for no more than 4 hours.

The next day, fitment corrections were made, the remaining parts of the kit were installed after being paint matched, and voila the RWB build was complete.

Its name you ask?

For reasons I cannot say, I told Victor to pick the name of the car as I had one in mind.

With a smile from ear to ear and a sweet celebratory high-five, Victor decided to name the car Senna.

Being a race car driver, a fellow automotive enthusiast, and many more reasons, I told him to name it after Ayrton Senna as he is a huge inspiration to both Victor and me.

Needless to say, RWB Senna is a name that fits the car, the personality of the driver, and what is to come for this build, perfectly.

A special thanks to all those involved in this build for making it happen and here's to the new friendships formed from this experience.

Click below to watch our documentary/coverage shot throughout the weekend:


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