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"El Azulejo" A Tribute

Sentiment. Cars are full of sentiment.

Car fanatic or not, everyone has that towards a certain object due to it reminding them of certain times in life that were full of irreplaceable memories.

Enter this:

A 1971 Datsun 510 wagon.

You see, to some it ends there, but to the Perez Siam family, this Datsun is much more.

Built in honor of their grandfather's Datsun "El Azulejo", this bright blue wagon is "El Azulejo" reborn.

Being huge JDM fans, the family decided to make this tribute car more than a restoration. They made it a rocket.

With the lightweight chassis and original power plant, the 510 wagon was dated and a slouch. Therefore, instead of using the original L20 motor, the Perez Siams decided to swap an SR20 DET into the wagon. Mated to a 5 speed from an s14, the wagon is now able to put down power while also having a very unique sounding power plant to it.

And man does it move.

The sounds coming from the car, on throttle, between shifts, the cacophony of sounds all together make it that much better than it already is.

You see, this isn't a purpose built race car. It's on a moderate tune, putting down power with no risk to the engine, but its perfect. Everything was meticulously thought out, making it look as perfect as it does.

In addition to one of the cleanest engine bays I've ever seen, the interior has been updated with a custom fitted center console and bucket seats from front to back...yes, the back seats are bucket seats too.

All of this, dedicated to the father and grandfather of the owners of PSI Garage.

Proving that for us enthusiasts, our cars are full of sentiment.


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