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Cavallino 28: The Ultimate Ferrari Shower

It's a cold, rainy day in South Florida on January 26th. Just as my alarm rings to wake me up at 4am, I realize the pouring rain outside my window is exactly what any collector fears for their car. Then I realized, this weather might be miserable for someone trying to keep their $40 million Ferrari Testarossa, but for me, it would be a marvel.

You see, if there's one thing that we love to see here, its pictures of stunning cars capturing their most beautiful features. Freezing them in time and making them shine, giving them their well-deserved glory. All of that is done by patiently waiting for the right shot, getting the right angles, and clicking a shutter, but thanks to the rain and the Leica store in Miami, I was able to capture some of the most spectacular images of Ferrari's icons, in the wet.

This show is held at the Breakers in West Palm Beach, Florida; an hour and a half north of Miami. With such a perfect venue, these golf course grounds are turned into a sanctuary of Italy's finest prancing horses ever made. One off builds from the hand-built coaches of Pininfarina, modern legends from the floors of Maranello, and completely custom versions of cars you'd only see in your dreams.

Cars including the only Verde Abetone Ferrari F40 in the world. Flown in from Italy, this masterpiece commissioned by Automobili Amos' owner, Eugenio Amos; the man responsible for making Lancia great again.

Another modern-day legend is the Repsol Ferrari 348 Le Mans car. Famous for finishing 4th in its class at the 24 hours of Le Mans and 11th overall.

Looking just as good as it did the day it came off the track.

Remember our friend Gaston Rossato from The Barn Miami? He was there too! Only this year, no Testarossa competing as he was a judge in this year's Cavallino concourse.

Click below on the gallery to appreciate the beautiful images the Leica SL takes.

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